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A Comprehensive List Of Strategies To Plan Literature Review For Your Dissertation

There are a few words that strike fear in the heart of students, and literature review is one of them. The sound of this word can be daunting for students. It’s not due to its difficult pronunciation and spelling, but due to the hard work that it requires. Planning and writing a literature review is the most challenging section of a dissertation. This is because it requires tons of knowledge and material for writing a good review. We know that this aspect requires a lot of knowledge. And the problem here is that most of the time, students are short on time, and can’t read hundreds of papers. In such circumstances, perfect planning can save the students from failure. This article by top writers of a dissertation writing service UK will discuss some of the top strategies that students can follow in terms of planning the literature review. But before going into strategy, let’s define literature review and describe its importance within a dissertation.   What is a Literature Review? A lit